Travel 2 Serve: Haiti

For the month of March, I’ve been highlighting one of my favorite reasons to travel: TRAVEL TO SERVE!  Over the past few weeks I’ve dedicated my birthday month to feature the stories of amazing individuals who have traveled abroad to volunteer their time to a worthy cause and organization.  And now I get to share my … More Travel 2 Serve: Haiti

Travel to Serve Spotlight: Meet Marquise

The Haitian-American Nomad Serving the Globe As a budding globe trotter and soccer enthusiast, Marquise has made it a point to take advantage of every opportunity to travel, even if it’s just to catch a Borussia Dortmund game in Germany, which she’s done before. Her global perspective and love for travel began at home where she … More Travel to Serve Spotlight: Meet Marquise

Travel to Serve Spotlight: Meet Ruthie

The Eritrean-Swedish Globetrotter with a Heart for Africa: Ruthie’s travel journey started early, beginning when her family immigrated to Sweden from Eritrea, by way of Italy due to the war back home. Growing up with hardworking parents who also valued travel, Ruthie credits her global exposure to her parents who traveled within their means and … More Travel to Serve Spotlight: Meet Ruthie