2017 Birthday Adventure: Catalina Island, CA

Hi, I’m Fidel.  Welcome to my travel blog as I offer lessons-learned throughout my travel journey.  I’m just an East African girl living in Los Angeles, CA and enjoying life’s little moments.

My L.A. friends have pegged me as the traveler and I gladly embrace it.  On a weekly basis I’m asked, where will you go next?  When you love travel as much as I do and have managed to find ways to weave it into your personal, professional, academic, and volunteer life, it just becomes a part of who you are!  I’m inspired daily by my globetrotting friends and in turn hope to make travel a little more attainable for others.

As a researcher by trade, my organizational and planning skills come in handy when I’m scoping out my next destination.  If you need help in that department, stay tuned for upcoming itineraries and recommendations.  Help me help you by leaving feedback or a destination you’d like me to blog about.

I’m writing as a passport holder with dual citizenship, ready to challenge all of you to step out of your comfort zone and see how far you can go!  Just remember to be open to the adventure and be intentional about getting there.